• Jessica Guercio

Giving Tuesday - Heart Gallery

Giving Tuesday is here!! Together with 15 local Westchase families, we raised $750 to give to the Heart Gallery of Tampa! Amazingly, this donation is being matched so our total contribution is $1500!!! Thank you so much to all of my amazing families who participated in The Front Porch Sessions.

I wanted to share with you a little bit about why I am such a big supporter of the Heart Gallery. When the director at the time came to speak at a meeting I was at over 10 years ago, it blew me a way and completely touched my heart. I was in. These kids... their stories and experiences are truly remarkable... a life many of us will never understand or experience. They are humble and sincere and just want what we all do... a loving home and a place to feel safe.

My small contributions of my time and resources can’t be begin to compare to the hard work of the most loving and compassionate team that work day in and day out to champion the lives of foster kids in our community.

This Giving Tuesday, you can make a difference right here in our community. A contribution of any size can go a long way to improve the life of a foster kid. Your donation today will be matched during the Heart Gallery's $5,000 Match Challenge. Please join me in supporting their cause!

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