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Friday Five - Kids in the Kitchen, Gary Janetti, Fall Slide Sandals, UTBT, and Turkey Taco Bowls

Updated: Aug 30, 2018

Every Friday, I will be sharing the five coolest things I've found or done this week! I love getting ideas from other gals gabout things to do, places to see, and products I need to have. Sometimes the items featured will be photography related, sometimes I'll just share a new hair product I can't live without. This week I'm sharing a cool event we did at Armature Works for the kiddo,  Prince George on insta, the hottest accessory of the season, our morning on the UTB trail, and a new recipe thats in our dinner rotation!

This is the usual "smile face" I get these days.

1. DO: Kids in the Kitchen with Ms. Alyna at Armature Works What if I told you one of the best pizzas I've had in Tampa was made with the hands of a 4-year old? Seriously. We signed little man up to participate in the first "Kid's in the Kitchen" class at Armature Works. 

This is a class for 3-7 year olds as an introduction to cooking. The theme this week was pizza! We made our own dough, rolled and shaped it, added all of the toppings including fresh mozzarella, and baked in the oven to perfection. The pizza was delicious and we had a great morning exploring Armature and the Riverwalk after our class. The next class will be on September 8! 

2. FOLLOW: Gary Janetti

If you aren't following @garyjanetti on Instagram, are you even on Instagram? In my mind, Gary is my bestie and we dish on all things Real Housewives and Prince George. His humorous posts give the future King of England a snarky voice that makes me LOL ALL THE TIME. Everything he posts is hilarious... one of my fave insta accounts for sure!

3. BUY: Asymmetrical Slide Sandals for Fall!

I saw these Free People "Mont Blanc" Sandals at Nordstrom a few weeks ago and feel in love with them as a transitional summer to fall shoe for us Florida gals.  I love the look of them for a "fall" shoe without giving up the ease of a sandal for casual outfits in the next few months. I didn't however love the price tag of $168. I'm into them now, but I'm not sure I'll love them for seasons to come to invest in them. That being said, I was so I was so excited to walk into target this week and see a good dupe for them from Universal Thread for $25! Cute, functional, and the perfect price point for a trendy shoe. They have them in store but you can also find them here!  

Splurge - Free People $168

Steal - Universal Thread $25

4. GO: Upper Tampa Bay Trail

I know the trail is nothing new... you probably drive by it almost everyday. But let's just say I recently rediscovered it! Sam and I took the little one to ride bikes on the trail last week and it was perfect. It was hot, but the majority of the wide trail is shaded. It gave little man a long path to ride his bike without stop signs or bumps in the sidewalk. Lots of walkers, joggers, and bikers out enjoying this awesome space. The path does get a little crowded on the weekends but nothing we couldn't navigate through. Check it out for yourself, you won't be disappointed!

5. MAKE: Turkey Taco Bowls with Cauliflower Spanish Rice

Taco Tuesday hppens every single week in our house... mainly because we have a Tijuana Flats about 5 seconds from our front door and a 4 year old who eats tacos like its going out of style. Lately, we've been making turkey or beef tacos every week at home (crunchy shells for D, salads for mom and dad). It's easy, everyone is happy, and its healthy. So this week, I was looking to mix is up. I tried this recipe from Wholesomelicious and it was a hit! David still ate it in his taco shells, Sam didn't complain about eating cauliflower (he actually said it was "really good"), and it was super super easy. It's gluten free, paleo and whole 30 approved, and the best part; kid friendly. It has a liittle kick to it but I used about half the pepper called for in the recipe and it was perfect. Add it to your rotation next week!

Not mine.. it was so good, I forgot to snap a pic! How amazing does this look?!

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