• Jessica Guercio

Bailey and Bryson

This time of year can an emotional one, especially for all of the mamas out there. The freedom of summer is replaced with routines and stress. We worry about safety and academics and friendships. But most importantly, our kiddos are moving on and moving up.

I connected with Andrea through a mutual friend here in Westchase and she desperately wanted to document her boys before her oldest left for college this fall. The last time they were in front of a camera, her boys were just babies! She was hoping to capture their personalities and the closeness they have to one another. Teenage boys aren't always the easiest to work with but these two knocked it out of the park for their mama. I was so impressed with their sweet nature, their politeness, and their ability to just be themselves in front of the camera.

I'm so glad we were able to document this time before the next chapter begins for Andrea and her boys. I don't know what kind of bribe she used to get her boys to do a photos session with each other but the outcome was well worth it. And I'm pretty sure it wasn't as bad for them as they anticipated! ;) One of my favorite sessions to date!

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